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The soulful way to set goals and manifest your desires

with more aligned focus, ease + joy


Make this year your BEST YEAR YET by activating your Higher Self + balancing between the masculine + feminine energies of business 


Your mind responds to GOALS (masculine structure)

Your soul expands with VISION (feminine openness)



...are you chasing after your goals that have no real meaning or purpose to you? you feel burnt out and overwhelmed as you’re not in your authentic flow?

...are you achieving goals that you thought you wanted but they leave you feeling uninspired and unfulfilled?


This BUNDLE guides you through my SOULFUL, balanced approach of GOAL setting by:

⭐️ releasing 'old energy' you're holding on to from the past to create space for new

⭐️ connecting with your Higher Self and your higher desires that are soul-driven

⭐️ creating goals that align with your higher vision for amplified meaning and authenticity

⭐️ embodying your goals in the now for consistent growth and manifestations


You will RELEASE what you're holding on to + create SPACE for miracles to come into your life!

I guide you through meditations, journalling, visualisations, activations + healing to ALIGN with your Higher Self desires.

Those authentic desires from the heart-space. Those desires that light you up. Those desires that actually scare you a little as they're so big!

With the support from your Higher Self, you will leave this workshop feeling ALIGNED AF and with a commitment to be your most truest + fullest self this year. And everything you need to tune back in + realign as the year unfolds.

It's truly magical!


This bundle includes:

100+ journal prompts for reflection + realigning 

4 incredible audio resources (over 90mins) to somatically reflect, energetically release, higher connection + rewire your mind in alignment with your desire (aka Higher Self Alignment!)

8 powerful videos (up to 60mins) guiding you from where you are now to embodying your soulful goals in alignment with neuroscience, manifestation + spirituality


Dive into this Higher Self Vision bundle for only £111

The bundle is valued at £300+ if purchased separately!


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What previous clients have said about the Higher Self Vision bundle 


"Wonderful workshop as always! So expansive"

"Thank you so so much Becky!! It feels scary but in a really good way. Very excited!"

"I feel excited to try stepping out more and embed new, small Higher Self habits"

"I feel so light, I might actually float!"

"I had a big breakthrough, thank you so much for that. Last time I listened to beautiful higher self my entire life changed. I’ve been ignoring my higher self, resisting her and the changes"

"This makes so much sense as for me it felt fun and that’s something I haven’t truly felt consistently in such a long time"

"I'm feeling so light and calm & spacious! More connected to myself."


Are you ready for your greatest year yet guided by your Higher Self?

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Hi, I'm Becky!

I'm a Mindset & Divine Energetics Coach - here to empower you to live limitlessly!

My mission + purpose is to inspire + empower soulful entrepreneurs to create a life + business that's soul-aligned, fulfilling, impactful, joyful + fun!

I'm a certified NLP Mindset Coach + a practitioner in hypnosis, emotional freedom technique (EFT tapping) and reiki. I support changes in your subconscious mind, emotional body + energy.

In this bundle, I'll be the bridge between you + your Higher Self, guiding you towards your limitless desires.

Let's create your BEST YEAR YET!



Are you ready for your best year yet?

Buy now for only £111 (valued at £300+ individually)

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