A collective group of women joining together to consciously grow and raise their awareness, through meditation and connection.

It's our mission and passion to help this planet raise its consciousness.

We all have a part to play.

This is how we are playing it through our experience and knowledge, passing it on to other women to empower them to see more than black and white. To bring colour into their lives.


Channelling 101

If you're new to meditation and channelling, we will be guiding you on our first call together - Channeling 101. Both Pippa and Becky will share their practices in opening up that channel and connecting deeply.


Continuous Connection

The group will guide you to meditate together, share our messages and ask questions in a safe, compassionate space. Building connecting to yourself, source and one another. You'll see and sense how connected we all really are. This will happen in our calls and in our daily community.

I'm Ready!

You will be immersed in:

  1. Fortnightly Conscious Convo calls - channelling magic

  2. Monthly Q+A

  3. Channelling Masterclass

  4. Soul sister space to share your downloads every day


All for only £22.22 a month!

I'm Ready!

Your Channelling Guides

Pippa is a Spiritual Coach & Healer. Helping women understand their Ego's True Purpose, to heal their trauma & raise their consciousness.

Becky is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach. Guiding women to live limitlessly through soulful business, inner healing & connection with their Higher Self.